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Gene Therapy MCQs with Answers

Welcome to the Gene Therapy MCQs with Answers. In this post, we have shared Gene Therapy Online Test for different competitive exams. Find practice Gene Therapy Practice Questions with answers in Biology Tests exams here. Each question offers a chance to enhance your knowledge regarding Gene Therapy.

Gene therapy is a revolutionary medical technique that aims to treat or prevent genetic disorders by introducing, removing, or altering genetic material within a patient’s cells. This innovative approach addresses the root cause of genetic diseases, offering potential cures rather than merely managing symptoms.

The core concept of gene therapy involves delivering functional copies of a gene or correcting defective genes to restore normal function. Techniques include the use of viral vectors to deliver therapeutic genes into target cells and the application of CRISPR-Cas9 technology for precise gene editing. By replacing faulty genes or correcting mutations, gene therapy has the potential to treat a wide range of conditions, from inherited disorders like cystic fibrosis and hemophilia to complex diseases such as cancer.

Clinical trials and research in gene therapy have shown promising results, with several therapies already approved for clinical use. For example, Luxturna is a gene therapy approved for treating inherited retinal dystrophy, while Zolgensma offers a groundbreaking treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

Despite its potential, gene therapy faces challenges, including ethical considerations, high costs, and potential long-term effects. Ongoing research aims to address these issues, improve delivery methods, and enhance the safety and efficacy of gene therapies.

Gene therapy represents a significant advancement in personalized medicine, offering hope for individuals with previously untreatable genetic disorders and paving the way for future innovations in medical treatment.

Gene Therapy Online Quiz

By presenting 3 options to choose from, Gene Therapy Quiz which cover a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty, making them adaptable to various learning objectives and preferences. You will have to read all the given answers of Gene Therapy Questions and Answers and click over the correct answer.

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Gene Therapy MCQs

Gene Therapy

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Which of these is a potential side effect of gene therapy using viral vectors?

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What is the term for a segment of DNA that is capable of moving and replicating within the genome?

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Which regulatory agency oversees the approval of gene therapy products in the United States?

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What is the term for gene therapy aimed at modifying somatic cells?

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Which enzyme is commonly used in CRISPR gene editing to cut DNA at specific sequences?

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What is the primary advantage of using lentiviral vectors in gene therapy?

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Which type of gene therapy aims to correct genetic mutations in mitochondrial DNA?

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What is the most common route of administration for gene therapies targeting the liver?

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Which of the following is a non-viral vector used in gene therapy?

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What is the primary reason for using CRISPR/Cas9 in gene therapy?

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Which term describes the transfer of genetic material from one organism to another?

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Which type of gene therapy aims to inhibit the expression of a particular gene?

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Which of the following is NOT a potential application of gene therapy?

14 / 40

Which vector is commonly used in gene therapy to deliver genes into target cells?

15 / 40

Which of these is a potential challenge in delivering gene therapy to the brain?

16 / 40

Which of these is a potential limitation of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in gene therapy?

17 / 40

What is the main purpose of gene therapy?

18 / 40

Which term describes the process of introducing genes into stem cells to treat genetic disorders?

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Which of the following is a potential advantage of using non-viral vectors in gene therapy?

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Which of these is a potential safety concern in using CRISPR/Cas9 for gene therapy?

21 / 40

Which regulatory challenge is specific to gene therapy compared to traditional drugs?

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Which of the following is an example of a monogenic disorder that could be treated with gene therapy?

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Which gene therapy approach involves inserting a new gene into a random location in the genome?

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Which type of gene therapy involves correcting mutations in the DNA of mitochondria?

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Which term describes a stable integration of introduced genes into the host cell's genome?

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What is the term for gene therapy that targets cancer cells specifically?

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What is the term for the process of introducing new genetic material into cells to correct a genetic defect?

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Which term describes the technique of introducing DNA into cells using electric shock?

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What is the primary challenge of using viral vectors in gene therapy?

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Which delivery method involves extracting cells, modifying them in vitro, and reinfusing them into the patient?

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What is the term for a vector that can replicate independently of the host cell's genome?

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What is the term for a regulatory sequence that controls the timing and level of gene expression?

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Which term describes the delivery of genetic material using ultrasound?

34 / 40

In gene therapy, what does the acronym "CRISPR" stand for?

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What is the term for gene therapy aimed at modifying germ cells (sperm or egg cells)?

36 / 40

Which of these is a potential ethical concern in gene therapy?

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What is the term for a gene that can cause cancer when mutated or overexpressed?

38 / 40

Which type of viral vector is derived from adenovirus and commonly used in gene therapy?

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In which phase of clinical trials is gene therapy typically tested for safety and efficacy?

40 / 40

Which delivery method involves directly injecting the therapeutic vector into the affected tissue?


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