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Synthetic Biology MCQs with Answers

Welcome to the Synthetic Biology MCQs with Answers. In this post, we have shared Synthetic Biology Online Test for different competitive exams. Find practice Synthetic Biology Practice Questions with answers in Biology Tests exams here. Each question offers a chance to enhance your knowledge regarding Synthetic Biology.

Synthetic Biology Online Quiz

By presenting 3 options to choose from, Synthetic Biology Quiz which cover a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty, making them adaptable to various learning objectives and preferences. You will have to read all the given answers of Synthetic Biology Questions and Answers and click over the correct answer.

  • Test Name: Synthetic Biology MCQ Quiz Practice
  • Type: Quiz Test
  • Total Questions: 40
  • Total Marks: 40
  • Time: 40 minutes

Note: Answer of the questions will change randomly each time you start the test. Practice each quiz test at least 3 times if you want to secure High Marks. Once you are finished, click the View Results button. If any answer looks wrong to you in Quizzes. simply click on question and comment below that question. so that we can update the answer in the quiz section.

Synthetic Biology MCQs

Synthetic Biology

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What is a bioethics concern in synthetic biology?

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What is a synthetic biology toolkit used for?

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What is a designer cell in synthetic biology?

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What is a synthetic yeast in synthetic biology?

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What is a bioproduction in synthetic biology?

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What is a biofuel in synthetic biology?

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What is a biosynthetic pathway in synthetic biology?

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What is a plasmid in synthetic biology?

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What is a bioreactor in synthetic biology?

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What is a genetic circuit in synthetic biology?

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What is a minimal genome in synthetic biology?

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What is a CRISPRi in synthetic biology?

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What is synthetic biology?

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What is a protocell in synthetic biology?

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What is cell-free synthetic biology?

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What is a chassis organism in synthetic biology?

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What is CRISPR-Cas9 used for in synthetic biology?

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What is a synthetic ecosystem in synthetic biology?

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What is a gene drive in synthetic biology?

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What is a microfluidics device in synthetic biology?

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What is metabolic engineering in synthetic biology?

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What is RNA interference (RNAi) used for in synthetic biology?

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What is the purpose of a genetic toggle switch in synthetic biology?

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What is a synthetic gene circuit in synthetic biology?

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What is a genetic switch in synthetic biology?

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What is directed evolution in synthetic biology?

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What is a gene editing tool other than CRISPR-Cas9 used in synthetic biology?

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What is a biopharmaceutical in synthetic biology?

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What is a xenobiology in synthetic biology?

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What is optogenetics used for in synthetic biology?

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What is a DNA barcode used for in synthetic biology?

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What is a biosafety level in synthetic biology?

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What is a bioinformatics tool in synthetic biology?

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What is a gene regulatory network in synthetic biology?

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What is a biocontainment system in synthetic biology?

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What is a DNA assembler in synthetic biology?

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What is a computational model in synthetic biology?

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What is the purpose of a biobrick in synthetic biology?

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What is a biosensor in synthetic biology?

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What is a gene synthesis in synthetic biology?


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